Demomedia Dispatched

Trump won both the Popular and the Electoral Votes in a Loud Landslide Avalanche Stampede away from Demomedia.  The Demomedia demonizes and uses scorched earth policies on the personhood of those they don’t deify.  Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, Dan Quail, Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Pastor Darryl Scott, Mike Cohen all strayed from the Complacent Corral and are assaulted with zero “gun control” by the Demomedia including Steve Harvey and others being labeled “Mediocre Negroes.”

NEWSFLASH FOR DEMOMEDIA:  There has been a stampede, your lassos are lost for good for good, and your corrals have collapsed to the left.  You are left with nobody listening or paying attention or paying you homage.

There are lots and lots and lots of people across all spectrums of thought, skin color, income bracket, life choices, and thought strength who cut your reins.  They like, respect, voted for, are jazzed by, and proud of their new President, Donald Trump.  You do not own them.  He hopes the best for all people and has inspired them to free themselves.

Your holograms showing prosperity through stifling taxes and regulations are not solid, supportive, or real.  And our kneeling to receive what you dole out a morsel at a time is over and out.  We live in the evidence of the collapse of your programs and your programming our thoughts and lives is caput.

While you fall further down in the Fireswamp, we get more and more excited about being beyond the corral and Working Together to Build America Great Again.  We are Freed to Last.

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